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How I started, and where I am now as a content creator and social media influencer

 I've been a content creator and social media influencer since the end of 2020 during the pandemic. As a kid I always wanted to make videos. I use to watch Minecraft videos on YouTube and enjoyed every second of it.

Every kid wants to be a big YouTuber one day but never actually has the courage or dedication to work their way up and make this a full time career. Me and my friends use to make terrible vlogs in the fifth grade. We never got anywhere with it so all of my friends gave up on it while I kept motivated because I like easy money and don't want to be stuck working in some boring office. Serious answer was always to prove people wrong that I can do what they can't.

     After a couple years break when me and my friends all quit. I started making gaming videos on YouTube again. They were still awful. That's ok though, it's all trial and error, we learn from our mistakes and do better the next time. It did take me a while to understand that less is more most of the time and then started using TikTok. At this time I didn't use TikTok in a serious way, I posted whatever I wanted when I wanted with no intention of blowing up on the platform whatsoever. Fast forward a year or so I find out that posting on TikTok can actually be very beneficial and started posting clips instead of terrible low quality recordings from my phone. After just a couple weeks of posting clips from my Xbox, I saw major improvements almost instantly.

     Very late 2020 I posted a video not thinking much of it just like every other video I was posting during that time. Little did I know this video would be the start of my increasing success. After a few hours of posting this video it trafficked over 1.3 million views and with over 250,000 likes. I was astonished. I was gaining followers faster than I ever had before. I knew I couldn't stop here. I had to keep posting. I had to keep relevant. I had to prove everyone else wrong. This excess that ran through my head believing that I could be one of the biggest was what drove me to my limits to keep going and to keep proving my haters wrong. January 6th, 2021 I reached 50,000 followers. 6 days later I achieved 100,000 followers. I was gaining over 10,000 followers a day and started becoming more known to the community. This was only the beginning of my journey to greatness.

     Today I have over 750,000 concurrent followers across all of my social media platforms. I specialize myself as videographer. film maker, cinematographer, photographer, and many more titles. I use my skills to help others in creating their own content and pursuing their passions while doing the same for myself all at the same time. Seeing other people succeed is the best thing to experience, especially if they follow my teachings and advice. I continue to grow my worth and value with my engaging content and encouragement to keep proving people wrong. That's just how I have always been since I was a kid in middle school. We all have harsh pasts and always learn to move past them or in my own case, use it to my advantage. Using hate as feedback to do better the next time instead of taking it as backlash that you're not doing good is a lot healthier for your mind. I always encourage to keep an open mindset for any situation because you know what can happen.

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