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Forever I've wanted to be a content creator and social media influencer as a kid. I loved watching TV and YouTube growing up.
Since the start of 2020 during the pandemic. I decided to really dedicate myself to making videos. That didn't turn out all the best until towards the end of the year. I found a love for making videos and just because I was getting lots of views and likes off of it, but because I was enjoying it. I was doing something I dreamed of and knew if I kept working hard enough for it I could make it a true reality.
Throughout all of the time I've been making videos I've always found a love for taking stuff within the games and then turning them into my own image. My Fortnite videos are a prime example of this. I have people that help me do things in the game nobody else could. Swapping built in emotes and swapping the games code to get the shot I wanted. A lot of hard work has gone into a lot of my videos, and I couldn't be more proud. 
The videos you see here on your right are examples of what I mean by swapping the games code. Unless you play the game and know these cosmetics you would be confused as to how I've used the Thor hammer with a different skin rather than one of the few selected skins that can use it.

The emote being used is built in for only very select skins within the game. With the help of a friend we've managed to swap the games code and trick it so that this emote shows rather than the one I am actually doing.

Addition to this Thor video, the eyes do not glow on any skin and that is all done within Adobe After Effects. I have done many other incredible features inside of this software that can be seen here.

In the modern day, I make videos with web cams/face cams to try and attract a larger audience. More people on platforms like YouTube and TikTok tend to find videos that use a face cam more enjoying because of past media.

I don't expect myself to be making more of the type of content presented here within the game moving forward in my career. However, I have tried to bring my talent and skill into a real world interpretation.

The video presented here is an example of me taking my skill and creating a Rick and Morty inspired video. The portal effect is done within After Effects, all custom made. As much as this video could've been made a lot better, I would say that it's pretty good for a first attempt.

I plan to do more of this in the future to make my content more interesting for a variety of viewers.

Having several niches is good because then you have different audiences that watch you for different subjects. As a content creator this is very beneficial and should be taken advantage of more because the more niches you target the larger audience you're going to have. 

For example, if you have multiple channels and each one of those channels targets a different type of niche. You could have people are let's say are interested in your gaming videos and then later find out that you do reaction videos and also enjoy that. You've just doubled your audience on two different accounts.

This is something I plan to interoperate in the and take advantage over because it is an extremely helpful way to grow not just your channel, but also your name as a creator within the media.
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